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line both sides of every contour. The brilliance of each piece  
magnified with a Silver finish that casts additional light and sparkle into each facet.   The frame is constructed from the finest materials, the finish   specialized craftsmanship. family heirloom to love and treasure   Structures motif, along with our Olde bronze finish and light umber glass
timeless, clean feel to the fixtures, capable of matching any decor    Inspired by aristocracy and elegant formal European style,    the Astor Manor crafted to endure and render a timeless presence Show Lighting Fixture Catalog
ighting fashion statement with either the warm Burnished Bronze or the cool,   modern Satin Platinum version of the Moon Shadow,    accentuated by a chic brandy snifter glass.   ceiling fixture have been added to the fashionable Arabella collection.
Show Crystal Catalog   Design inspiration and name recognition its unique and inventive style   innovative compilation of color crystal drops and Murano color . painted frames meet soft curves, highlighted by unique shades of crystal
  choice of a princess for her palace, this collection exudes graceful elegance